SO I’ve been in Melbourne for a little over three months, and I’ve been trying to think of a more interesting blog angle than just the same old play-by-play schtick I’ve done in the past. BUT I haven’t thought of one yet, and I’d like to start this blog thing already, so that’s what you’re stuck with for now (blog readers who I haven’t already chased away).

About the dwelling: I’m living in Kensington with Michael and I love it. It’s one stop from the city, there’s lots of coffee, the houses are all adorable, and the people here grow awesome roses all over the place. My Instagram can’t even keep up.

About the learning: School is great. I was concerned before coming over here that a Master of Public Policy and Management from Australia wouldn’t be the most transferable degree if I ever want to go back to the US to work (i.e. I’d get stuffed full of Australian policy to the exclusion of anything else). However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not the case at all. In fact, I would bet that a majority of the people in my program are international students like myself, and it’s been really cool meeting so many interesting people. I’m a bit younger than a number of people in the program, most of whom have been working in some sort of policy-making capacity back home for at least a few years, but that just makes them more interesting to talk with. I’ve met women working with women’s rights policy in Afghanistan, and other policy professionals from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, and Indonesia, just to name a few places off the top of my head. I’ve also run into a few fellow Americans, which is always fun! That being said, all my research so far has focused on material well within my comfort zone: redistricting reform in Virginia and campaign funding laws. Woohoo!

About other fun times: I’ve been lucky enough to see people from back home already, even though it’s only been a short time! I spent a year in Brisbane without any Farmville companions, but I’ve already spent time with two Farmvillians, and I get to see more in a month! It’s pretty much the best thing to see someone from home, no matter how much you’re loving where you’re at!

Michael and I have been having some fun in the kitchen, whipping up new dinners. Haven’t attempted anything too fancy, but if you’re looking for new things to try that are quick and cheap and easy to fiddle with, I offer the following recipes and links as suggestions:

I’m getting hungry just thinking about them. Nomnomnom. It’s definitely lunch time.

I’ve been up to some other fun shenanigans, too, but I don’t feel like playing catchup so we’ll just start at the present and go from here.


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